Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I never thought this would happen to me: Prostitution and Traffic in Latin American Women in The Netherlands by Fanny Polanía Molina & Marie-

Along with providing a continuing perspective on prostitution (not that much of which was new considering all I´ve been reading), this book dicussed a lot of the advantages of the legalisation and making prostitution a business like any other - as it would provide a legal means for women for other countries to be prostitutes here - and possibly better their situation.
The more I read, the more I see how complicated prostitution is. With Latin American women, the introduction into (illegal) prostitution in the Netherlands is not so much trafficking by kidnapping but instead is through someone trustworthy offering a chance to make a better life, even if one is not fully aware of the cost involved. One woman put it this way: as a Columbian the only way she can get ahead is by being a criminal or a prostitute - so even if her story has belied that this is not a life that she is all that happy about, she ´chooses´ to remain in her window.

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