Thursday, January 4, 2007

Belinda J. Carpenter, Re-thinking Prostitution: Feminism, Sex, and the Self (2000).

This is part of learning about the world in which i live:
One of the main ideas of the book was that we needed to re-think some of the false dichotomies we have in terms of prostitution (for example that the prostitute is either the object (usually of abuse) or the subject (the one making all the choices)). As well, we need to consider how prostitution is both private and public. It was rather fascinating, although somewhat technical and a lot of sociological language. The points that stuck with me are that a woman is given money because as a female she tends to exist as a bodily person (i.e. having emotions and not just as a rational being) but yet most prostitutes see it as only a job - and they are not fully present in their body during their work, and that we have socially accepted the idea that men need sex.

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