Friday, January 5, 2007

Vrije Universiteit Thesis Reading

The boooks really needed for my thesis at the VU:
Kathleen M. O'Connor, The Confessions of Jeremiah: Their Interpretation and Role in Chapters 1-25 (1980s);
- very well done, although she can't entirely explain or prove her redactional theories;
A.R. Diamond, The Confessions of Jeremiah in Context: Scenes of Prophetic Drama (1980s)
- probably quite good technically (as evidence by the solid reviews he has made), however his writing style makes it a frustrating read;
Mark S. Smith, The Laments of Jeremiah and Their Contexts (1990 or so)
- provides a contrasting structure to the above but does not really add much to their work or even signifcantly dialogue with them.

And my dissertation is (hopefully) about how the confessions of Jeremiah fit into the context of the whole book of Jeremiah (thus expanding the work done by O'Connor). the immediate thesis is about how Jeremiah 15 (one of the confessions) fits into the whole book. and i need to figure out an outline for the thesis by tomorrow, so time to get to work :)

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