Friday, February 1, 2008

Table for One by Camerin Courteney

It is a cheerful, uplifting book that provides a healthy perspective on being a single female longer than you might have expected. It encourages you to live your life fully as it is now - and gives helpful suggestions for how to do that.

I appreciated it overall, although I didn't feel like I quite fit the audience. Certainly, I'm single longer than I expected - but I've come to recognize that being single is partly a choice i've made because it provides opportunities and joys that being married couldn't have. I've now seen that those opportunities and joys won't have to disappear if I get married, but i do not feel lost because marriage and having children are not currently part of my life (as i know some women do). Because of this, I think I naturally saw some of the delights of single life and hardships of marriage that other single women might have missed. And i have tried to have a full life, filled with people and children and purpose. So perhaps, i did not appreciate it as much as i could have because i had already travelled along the same journey as the author - and knew much of the wisdom that she had to share.

Still, it was a good read - and one that i appreciated and would recommend to other single women, especially those for whom being single is more of a burden than a gift.

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